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Radom Payment Links: What They Are and How to Use Them

Payment links are unique URLs which are clickable links that allow your customers to complete purchases with cryptocurrency on a pre-built checkout.

Scott Osman
Scott Osman
February 14, 2023
Radom Payment Links: What They Are and How to Use Them

Payment links are a simple, no-code way of accepting cryptocurrency payments for your business across physical and digital channels, whether it’s on social media, through your website, on a blog or an email and even customer service chats with your customers.

Here’s a helpful guide to understand how payment links can scale your business.

What is a payment link?

Payment links are unique URLs which are clickable links or scannable codes that allow your customers to complete purchases with their cryptocurrency wallets on a pre-built checkout. Payment links can be reused across multiple channels such as websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, messaging tools, and even in-person sales.

When a customer clicks a payment link or scans a QR code with that payment link, they are taken to a pre-built checkout page where they can purchase the product or service in a couple of clicks with their cryptocurrency wallet.

Merchants can add as many products as they like to a payment link or just one, as well as being able to customize which blockchains and cryptocurrencies they want to accept payments with, all from the Radom dApp (decentralized application).

What’s the difference between a payment link and a checkout?

Sometimes people confuse the difference between Radom Payment Links and Radom Checkout.

The difference between them is really simple:

  • Payment links are unique URLs which are reusable. You can reuse the same payment link as many times as you like across any channel with any of your customers.

  • Payment links don’t require any coding or developer experience to use. You can generate a payment link right away from the dApp.

  • Payment links make sense to use if your products or services are simple and aren’t customisable.

  • Payment Links are preferable if your customers don’t need to sign up with an account to checkout or if you don't have an existing website or mobile app.

  • Checkout comes with a pre-built checkout page, like payment links, but checkout sessions are unique to each customer and are not reusable.

  • Checkout is a hybrid solution which requires some coding or developer experience to make calls to Radom’s API to create unique checkout sessions.

  • Checkout makes more sense to use if your product library is a little more complex. For example, if you run an e-commerce store, your customers’ variety of selections will change for every sale, so a unique checkout will have to be produced for each session.

  • Checkout is preferable to use if your customers need to have an account with you to purchase your products or services.

Benefits of using payment links

Payment links don’t require a website, coding experience or any pre-existing infrastructure to get started. Any business or individual in the world can create a payment link in seconds.

Here are some benefits of using payment links:

  • Accept payments physically and digitally: Whether you are sending payment links via email, text message or in-person with a QR code, payment links allow you to receive payments no matter what type of business you are.

  • Sell across any channel: Embed payment links into buttons on your website, in marketing such as email newsletters or social media posts, and in-person with QR codes.

  • Offer customers multiple ways to pay: Customers can pay on your checkout page using any of over two-hundred cryptocurrency wallets and pay on several blockchains with hundreds of cryptocurrencies. It’s up to you how you accept payments.

  • No coding or developer experience required: You don’t need an existing website or any developer experience to start using payment links and customers don’t need to have a pre-existing account with your services. Customers can checkout using any device, desktop or mobile, in a couple of clicks.

How to use payment links

Any business can use payment links to accept one-time and subscription payments for physical products, digital services and more.

Here are some examples of ways you can use payment links:

Emails and text messages

Payment links are a great way to trigger purchases from email marketing and text messages. You can embed buttons in email newsletters with payment links and point customers towards your checkout. Text message notifications of new deals and offers can increase purchases via mobile.

You can create customized payment links for specific types of customers with a unique selection of products or recurring services with personalized messaging to inform customers about new offers.

On a website

Pricing pages and online stores can embed buttons with payment links to direct customers to purchase with ease without setting up an account. Customize buy buttons with your brand and place them in high-traffic areas of your website to convert customers.

On a blog

Payment links can be introduced to customers in specific sections of a blog discussing your product or at the end as a call-to-action to trigger purchases and convert customers who have been educated about your business.

Social media

If you make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, payment links can direct customers straight from social to your checkout page in one click. Include payment links in your posts so customers know exactly where to purchase your products.

QR Codes

Payment links can be used in-person to direct customers to an online checkout page. Generate QR codes with your payment link and display it to customers in print with leaflets, posters and even digitally by displaying it on a mobile device or tablet. QR codes are a great way to accept payments for pop-up businesses that are just getting started and don’t need a point-of-sale system.

Customer service chats

Many businesses now use chat tools for their support and sales teams to directly communicate with customers. Create a customized payment link for customers you’re in direct conversation with and send it to them on your chat tool to convert them from the chat tool itself or share existing product payment links to answer their questions.

Start using crypto payments links to scale your business

Payment links are a simple, easy and effective way to start accepting cryptocurrency payments from your customers, whether you’re a start-up business or an enterprise company trialing cryptocurrency payments. Decide how you want to distribute payment links – whether it’s an embedded button, a QR code or a shareable link – and on what channels you wish to share them.

Contact our sales team to get started with cryptocurrency payments today.

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