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Streamline Your Crypto Invoicing with Radom's Easy No-Code Solution

Discover Radom's no-code solution for easy crypto invoicing. Streamline billing with global reach, security, and cost efficiency.

Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson
March 26, 2024
Streamline Your Crypto Invoicing with Radom's Easy No-Code Solution

In the evolving landscape of digital finance, crypto invoicing has emerged as a cornerstone for businesses seeking agility and global reach. Whether you're a freelancer, a startup, or an established enterprise, the ability to bill clients and accept payments in cryptocurrency can significantly streamline operations and open new markets. Radom's no-code crypto invoicing solution stands out by offering an intuitive platform that simplifies the creation and management of crypto invoices. This blog post will guide you through the quick and easy steps to create a crypto invoice using Radom, optimized for key phrases like "Crypto Invoicing," "Crypto invoice," and "Crypto Payment Gateway."

Step 1: Customer Details

Start by selecting your customer for the invoice. With Radom, you have the flexibility to either attach an existing customer profile or create a new one on the spot. This step ensures that each invoice is accurately linked to a specific customer, streamlining your billing process and customer management.

crypto invoicing attach customer
Select Customer

Step 2: Select Accepted Currencies

Next, specify which cryptocurrencies you'll accept as payment. Radom supports a diverse range of currencies, including USDT and USDC, across various networks such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Base, Avalanche, TRON, and BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain). This wide selection allows you to cater to your customers' preferences and leverage the specific advantages of different networks.

Select which cryptocurrencies you want to accept for your invoice

Step 3: Invoice Due Date

Set a due date for your invoice. A clear deadline communicates to your clients when their payment is expected, helping to maintain a smooth cash flow and professional relationship. Radom's platform makes setting and tracking these dates effortless.

crypto invoice due date
Select due date to be displayed to the invoiced customer

Step 4: Memo

Include a memo or description with your invoice. This is your opportunity to provide your clients with details about the services or products billed. A well-crafted memo can clarify the purpose of the invoice and reduce queries, making the payment process smoother for both parties.

Crypto Invoice memo
Add a memo to describe the crypto invoice

Step 5: Product or Line Item

Finally, detail the products or services for which you're billing. Radom allows you to either attach pre-set products or add line items on the fly. This flexibility means you can tailor each invoice to specific transactions, with adjustable quantities and pricing to match the unique needs of each sale.

Crypto invoice product
Create a product to attach to your crypto invoice

Why Choose Radom for Crypto Invoicing?

Radom's crypto invoicing solution is more than just a tool; it's a bridge to the future of financial transactions. By leveraging our platform, businesses can enjoy:

  • Seamless Integration: Radom's no-code solution integrates smoothly with your existing systems, making it incredibly user-friendly.
  • Global Reach: Accept payments in a wide range of cryptocurrencies from clients worldwide, without worrying about exchange rates or banking fees.
  • Enhanced Security: With crypto payments, you benefit from the inherent security features of blockchain technology, reducing the risk of fraud and chargebacks.
  • Cost Efficiency: Radom's competitive pricing for crypto payments can significantly lower your transaction costs compared to traditional payment gateways.


As the digital economy continues to expand, the ability to efficiently manage crypto invoices becomes crucial for businesses aiming to stay ahead. Radom's crypto invoicing solution not only simplifies this process but also enhances it, providing flexibility, security, and reach unmatched by traditional billing methods. Embrace the future of business with Radom's crypto billing and payment gateway, and unlock the full potential of your operations in the global marketplace.

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