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Introducing the best no-code solution for new crypto presale projects in 2024 – easily embed our multi-chain widget on your website to start accepting payments in various cryptocurrencies. Set up in minutes, no development needed.

Launch a new Token presale in minutes

Token Presale

Concentrate on growing your community, marketing your vision, and advancing your project. We take care of the technical complexities. Our token presale widget is equipped with full automation to ensure your token launch is successful and hassle-free.

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Embeddable widget

Easily embed the widget on your website or mobile app with just a few clicks.

Multiple cryptocurrencies

Accept prepayment in major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, ETH, USDC, and USDT.

Collect customer details

Collect essential contact details like emails, Discord IDs, and wallet addresses for future engagement and redemption.

Funding milestones

Encourage early investments with automatic price increases at each funding milestone.

Dynamic Progress Bar

Motivate contributions with a dynamic progress bar that displays funding totals.

Crypto Presale Dashboard

Easily manage your crypto presale widget with Radom's dashboard

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Embedded presale widget,
powered by Radom

Create, customize, and embed your token presale widget

Easily create and manage your own token presale with Radom. Customize your presale widget with features like setting a minimum purchase amount, defining your total fundraising goal, and scheduling price increases over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crypto presale?

A crypto presale allows early adopters to purchase a product, service, NFT, token or crowdfunding campaign before it is available to the general public. This often comes with perks such as discounted prices or exclusive access.

How do I sell a crypto presale?

To sell a presale, contact our sales team here.

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With Radom, crypto payments become straightforward. Tap into our user-friendly platform for all your crypto billing needs.

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