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Supporting Stablecoin Payments for the CryptoCompare API

Decades later, many of our favourite modern web applications are built using APIs and they now power the world’s fastest growing industry, Web3.

Scott Osman
Scott Osman
October 3, 2022
Supporting Stablecoin Payments for the CryptoCompare API

Decades later, APIs continue to provide the software world with the necessary data required to build amazing products and applications. Many of our favourite modern web applications are built using APIs and they now power the world’s fastest growing industry, Web3.

For the past year, Radom has been building its payment settlement protocol with API providers and Web3 customers in mind. We are continuing the progress of Web3 by supporting recurring stablecoin payments for access to these API services on-chain.

Radom is proud to announce that it will be offering the CryptoCompare API on its marketplace in the upcoming beta testnet launch in Q1, 2023.

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface enables two or more computer programs to communicate with each other, forming the backbone of many online services we use today.

APIs enable modern web and mobile applications that we use every day to communicate with other software and retrieve data. Web and mobile applications are designed with humans in mind whilst APIs are designed with software in mind.

In its most simplest form, an API makes ‘calls’ which are essentially requests of information with specific parameters to another piece of software and retrieves the data so that it can be utilised within an application.

Example of an API

Imagine you want to build an application that showcases the latest prices for the top 100 cryptocurrencies and you want to include a news feed with only English language articles. How would you go about doing that without owning both the exchange and news company to have access to all that information?

You would use APIs to make calls to their respective databases whenever a user loads your application. Thus APIs allow developers and startup companies to build more user-centric applications with their requirements met by leveraging data provided by third-party companies.

What can I use the CryptoCompare API for?

CryptoCompare aggregates varying kinds of cryptocurrency data from exchanges, news feeds and more, enabling you to build an application with real-time or historical information.

Their API is perfect for any Web3 start-up or Web3 developer looking to build a Web3 application.

About CryptoCompare

Founded in 2014, CryptoCompare is a global cryptocurrency market data provider, giving institutional and retail investors access to real-time, high-quality, reliable market and pricing data on 5,300+ coins and 240,000+ currency pairs. By aggregating and analysing tick data from globally recognised exchanges, and seamlessly integrating different datasets in the cryptocurrency price, CryptoCompare provides a comprehensive, holistic overview of the market. At a granular level, we produce: cryptocurrency trade data, order book data, blockchain and historical data, social data, reports and a suite of cryptocurrency indices.

We pride ourselves on our data integrity and scope of data and we continually invest in our technology and API to ensure our infrastructure remains robust and both the retail and institutional investors can access data to execute their investment portfolios. CryptoCompare adheres to the most rigorous standards to safeguard data integrity, normalising global sources to ensure consistency and confidence in the market. To ensure the integrity of our data, we regularly review crypto exchanges, monitor for market abuse and take regional anomalies and geographical movements into consideration.

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About Radom

Radom is a payment settlement protocol built for Web3-natives, enabling them to subscribe to online services and pay in stablecoins, using non-custodial wallets.

Web3-natives can subscribe to services directly on the Radom Marketplace or a provider’s website with Radom’s checkout widget and operate entirely on-chain without the need to offramp.

Managing their subscriptions within a single decentralised application, users can keep a track of their active subscriptions and historical expenses with the flexibility to cancel at any time.

Web3 startups and DAOs can reduce time to market, monetise, and scale quicker than ever before by paying to access cloud, software and API services natively on-chain.

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