Accept XRP payments

Enable XRP (XRP) as a payment method and start accepting it from your customers.

Supported Blockchains for XRP (XRP)

XRP Payment Gateway

All In One XRP Payments Platform

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XRP Billing

Streamline subscription payments using XRP, offering flexible billing cycles from monthly to annual, through our automated platform.

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White label XRP Payments

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XRP Invoicing

Optimize payment processes with XRP invoicing for global transactions.

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XRP Checkout

Prebuilt XRP payment checkout page, optimized for maximum conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is XRP (XRP)?

XRP is a digital currency created by Ripple Labs to facilitate fast, cost-effective international payments and financial transactions. Unlike many cryptocurrencies, XRP operates on the Ripple network, which uses a consensus algorithm rather than traditional mining to validate transactions. This allows XRP to process transactions in seconds with minimal fees, making it an attractive solution for cross-border payments and remittances. XRP aims to bridge different currencies and streamline global money transfers by providing liquidity and reducing reliance on traditional banking intermediaries.

Ready to start accepting XRP payments?

With Radom, XRP payments become straightforward. Tap into our user-friendly platform for all your XRP billing needs.