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Angel Investor Prashant Malik Joins Radom's Advisory Board

This week, Radom is pleased to announce the addition of Prashant Malik as an advisor, ex-Facebook tech lead, and inventor of distributed database Cassandra.

Radom Team
Radom Team
February 23, 2022
Angel Investor Prashant Malik Joins Radom's Advisory Board


This week, Radom is pleased to announce the addition of technologist Prashant Malik to the Radom team in the capacity of investor and advisor. As an ex-Facebook tech lead, and inventor of distributed database Cassandra, Prashant’s visionary perspective in recognising cutting edge startups is particularly welcome.

Having completed his education at IIT Delhi to study computer science, Prashant soon moved to the US to work for Microsoft; his talents were quickly recognised and he was awarded several patents in client architecture and security systems.

Prashant’s experience as an innovator in deep-tech startups began at Microsoft and continued when he made the leap to join Facebook in 2007. The transition involved a steep pay cut, but was an insightful move that provided him with the opportunity to become an early engineer for a startup that he believed had unlimited room to grow.  Prashant joined Facebook back when it had less than 100 million users, compared to the 2.89 billion users it has in 2021. He was particularly attracted to the founder’s big picture vision that has seen Facebook grow and evolve to the behemoth that everyone recognises today.

Upon joining Facebook as an engineer, Prashant found himself dealing with the issue of scalability, and having to address the Big Data problem. At the time Facebook was scaling fast but needed to create a solution to meet its scaling demands. This resulted in the creation of the Cassandra database, one of the biggest NoSQL database management systems which is today used by the likes of Netflix, Instagram, and Apple. 

Prashant is also the co-founder and CTO of e-commerce company LimeRoad, a social commerce platform launched in 2012 that targets women.

Contribution to Radom

Prashant’s experience in scalable tech and as an advisor merges with his interest in finding and interacting with cutting edge startups.  Prashant will be a key participant in the evolution and growth of Radom’s  service discovery and security solution as it takes remote IoT device configuration from Web 2.0  to Web 3.0 through its smart device infrastructure.

Prashant Malik: Angel investor, Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Technologist said:

“We are living in a world where we are surrounded by devices and this trend is on the rise. By 2030 we will have over 25B IoT devices. Blockchain is the most secure, reliable and efficient way of managing and transacting with these devices. This is what Radom network is enabling. Having seen tremendous scale in my career, this problem and the solution really excites me. I think Radom is onto a revolution in the world of IoT.”

Comment from Chris Wilson, CEO

“We’re extremely excited to have Prashant on board, after coming into contact in late 2021 through receiving investment from Prashant’s investment firm Tykhe Block Ventures. During our conversations it was very apparent to me the level of technical expertise Prashant holds, and with his in-depth experience with both NoSQL and Service Discovery there is a great deal of overlap with the technology we’re building. It is my belief that Prashant will continue to bring a great deal of technical expertise to Radom Network, alongside being able to describe and evangelize our technology to customers, the community, and other interested parties.”

About Radom Network

Radom Network is building the world’s first blockchain-based payment gateway. With Radom Network, Web3 companies and DAOs can access critical services required to operate their business without ever having to off-ramp. 

Underpinned by a decentralized protocol for service discovery and authentication, sellers can on-board through the Radom dApp (decentralized application), and sell access to their internet-connected assets, such as cloud servers, API servers, proof-of-work miners or databases with on-chain and on-demand payments in stablecoins.

Customers can connect their self-custody wallet and access services directly through the Radom Marketplace or through a seller’s webpage with the Radom Widget, an integrated payment checkout widget.

Through Radom, Web3 companies, DAOs and service providers can reduce time to market, monetize, and scale quicker than ever before.

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