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Automate Crypto Invoicing with Online Payments and Reminders

Learn how you can use online invoices to scale crypto payments for your business and streamline internal financial operations.

Scott Osman
Scott Osman
May 8, 2023
Automate Crypto Invoicing with Online Payments and Reminders

As businesses continue to adopt cryptocurrency payments, the need for an efficient and automated invoicing solution has become apparent. Radom's invoicing product enables businesses to create, manage, and track online invoices with integrated cryptocurrency payment options. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of using online crypto invoices to scale your business and streamline financial operations.

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a financial document issued by a business to its customers, detailing the products or services provided, their respective costs, and the total amount due. It serves as a formal request for payment and provides a clear record of the transaction for both the seller and the buyer. Invoices typically include important information, such as the business's and customer's contact details, invoice number, payment terms, due date, and any applicable taxes or discounts.

What is crypto invoicing?

Crypto invoicing is the process of creating and sending invoices to customers that include the option to pay with cryptocurrencies. Radom's Invoicing product allows businesses to easily generate online invoices with integrated cryptocurrency payment options, enabling customers to pay using their preferred digital currency. Radom Invoicing comes with a pre-built invoice checkout page with a link that can be shared to multiple stakeholders at a client’s organization either manually or through automated emails.

How Radom has revolutionized crypto invoicing

Traditional cryptocurrency invoicing methods can be cumbersome, often requiring customers to copy wallet addresses, send test transactions to confirm payments, and navigate a lengthy sales cycle. Radom has transformed the invoicing process by offering a seamless, user-friendly experience that addresses these pain points and streamlines the sales cycle.

Prebuilt checkout page

Radom's prebuilt checkout page simplifies the payment process for customers. Instead of manually copying wallet addresses and sending test transactions, customers can complete their purchase with just a few clicks, selecting their preferred cryptocurrency wallet and completing the transaction. This user-friendly approach reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures a smooth, hassle-free payment experience.

Automated payment confirmation

With Radom's Invoicing, there's no need for customers to send test transactions to confirm payments. The platform automatically verifies the payment, providing both the customer and the merchant with real-time updates on the invoice status. This eliminates the uncertainty associated with traditional crypto payment methods and accelerates the sales cycle. Merchants no longer need to familiarize themselves with blockchain explorers to track and monitor incoming payments.

Shortening the sales cycle

By automating and simplifying the invoicing and payment process, Radom significantly shortens the sales cycle for crypto transactions. Customers can complete their purchases quickly and easily, while merchants benefit from real-time payment tracking and confirmation. This streamlined process not only enhances the customer experience but also improves cash flow and overall efficiency for businesses.

Radom's innovative approach to crypto invoicing has revolutionized the way businesses accept and manage cryptocurrency payments, making it more accessible and user-friendly for both merchants and customers. By eliminating the need for manual address copying, test transactions, and lengthy payment confirmations, Radom has set a new standard for crypto invoicing and accelerated the sales cycle for businesses embracing digital currencies.

Key features of Radom's Crypto Invoicing product

  1. Create and send customizable invoices
    Radom's Invoicing product allows you to create professional and customizable invoices that can be tailored to your business' branding and specific requirements. Add your logo, select your preferred networks, and choose which cryptocurrencies you want to accept for payments.
  1. Automated payment reminders
    Set up automated email reminders to ensure that your customers never miss a payment. You can customize the frequency and message of the reminders to suit your needs, helping to improve your cash flow and reduce the time spent chasing payments.
  1. Real-time payment tracking
    Track the status of your invoices and payments in real-time using the Radom Dashboard. Get notified when an invoice is paid, or overdue, allowing you to take immediate action as needed.
  1. Secure and fast cryptocurrency payments
    Accept payments in various cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, USD stablecoins and more. Radom's secure and user-friendly checkout process ensures that your customers can pay quickly and easily, while you receive your funds without any delays.
  1. Detailed reporting and analytics
    Access comprehensive reports and analytics to gain insights into your invoicing and payment trends. Use this data to make informed decisions and optimize your financial operations.
  2. Invoicing API
    Radom's Crypto Invoicing product also includes a robust and flexible Invoice API, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate the invoicing process into their existing systems or applications. This makes it easier to manage and automate the creation, sending, and tracking of crypto invoices, further streamlining your business operations.

Benefits of using crypto invoicing

By automating your invoicing process and integrating cryptocurrency payments, your business can reap numerous benefits, including:

  1. Improved cash flow
    Automated reminders and real-time tracking of invoice payments help ensure that your customers pay on time, improving your cash flow and reducing the need for manual follow-ups.
  1. Enhanced customer experience
    Offering multiple payment options, including cryptocurrencies, can enhance your customers' experience and increase their likelihood of choosing your business for their needs.
  1. Streamlined financial operations
    Using Radom's Crypto Invoicing product helps you streamline and automate your financial operations, saving you time and resources that can be redirected toward growing your business.
  1. Global reach
    By accepting cryptocurrency payments, you can tap into a global market and expand your customer base without dealing with the complexities of international banking and currency exchange.
  1. Increased security
    Cryptocurrency transactions are secure and transparent, reducing the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

Streamline your business with Radom Invoicing

Embracing cryptocurrency payments and leveraging Radom's Crypto Invoicing product can significantly enhance your business operations and customer experience. By automating the invoicing process, integrating secure cryptocurrency payment options, and streamlining financial operations, you can position your business for growth and expansion in the digital age.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your cash flow, shorten the sales cycle, and tap into a global market. Discover the benefits of Radom's Crypto Invoicing product and start simplifying your invoicing process today. 

Log-in to the Radom Dashboard to get started with online cryptocurrency invoices today or contact our sales team to learn more.

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