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Crypto Subscriptions, Billing, and Recurring Payments: How we reshaped Crypto Payment Gateways

Discover how Radom is revolutionizing the crypto payment gateway landscape with the introduction of crypto subscriptions, billing, and recurring payments.

Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson
February 22, 2024
Crypto Subscriptions, Billing, and Recurring Payments: How we reshaped Crypto Payment Gateways

In the rapidly evolving world of digital finance, cryptocurrency has carved out a significant niche, transforming how transactions are conducted online. For over a decade, crypto payment gateways like Coinspaid, CoinPayments, BitPay, and Coinbase Commerce have been at the forefront, facilitating one-time payments with relative ease. However, these pioneers, despite their invaluable contributions, have shown limitations in their payment products, particularly when it comes to billing, team controls, and the somewhat antiquated QR code-style checkouts.

The industry's slow pace of innovation has left a gap in the market, especially concerning the versatility and modernization of crypto payments. This is where Radom enters, bringing a breath of fresh air to the crypto payment gateway landscape. Radom stands out as the first crypto payment gateway to offer not just one-time payments but also crypto subscription billing, usage-based payments, and a flexible pricing model that supports seat/quantity-based pricing, graduated pricing models, and more. This innovative approach allows businesses to cover any billing use case, including the increasingly sought-after recurring crypto payments.

The Limitations of Traditional Crypto Payment Gateways

Traditional crypto payment gateways have primarily focused on facilitating one-time transactions. They often lack comprehensive team controls, limiting businesses in managing their finance operations efficiently. Moreover, their billing capabilities are rudimentary, failing to accommodate the nuanced needs of modern businesses. The reliance on QR code-style checkouts, while innovative at their inception, has not evolved much, failing to meet the dynamic expectations of today’s users and businesses.

Radom's Revolutionary Solutions

Radom has identified these gaps and addressed them head-on, introducing three tiers of solutions that cater to a diverse range of billing and payment needs:

Three tiers of solutions, with unlimited crypto billing use-cases

No-Code Solutions: Radom's no-code solutions, including crypto payment links and invoicing, are perfect for startups and companies looking for quick and easy setup options. These solutions support both one-time payments and, uniquely, crypto subscription-style billing models without the need for additional integration work.

Hosted Checkout and Customized Invoicing Flows: For businesses seeking more control, Radom offers hosted checkout solutions and customized invoicing flows. These platforms are incredibly flexible, covering all billing use-cases alongside e-commerce payments. They are designed to integrate seamlessly into any business use case, providing a tailored billing and payment experience.

Integrated White-Label Crypto Checkouts: At the pinnacle of Radom’s offerings is the integrated white-label crypto checkout, which can be embedded into any application, platform, or video game, including mobile applications. This solution allows businesses to fully re-brand the checkout experience, optimizing and tailoring it for specific crypto billing or payment requirements.

The Importance of Flexibility and Instant Transactions

Radom’s approach to crypto payments goes beyond mere transaction facilitation. It recognizes the importance of flexibility in billing models and the critical need for instant withdrawals, payouts, and refunds, especially for marketplace use cases. This focus on instant transactions and a developer-first attitude places Radom at the forefront of the crypto payment gateway revolution, making it a game-changer in an industry ripe for innovation.

Disrupting the Industry with Developer-First Solutions

Radom’s developer-first attitude is a testament to its commitment to innovation and service excellence. By prioritizing the needs of developers and businesses, Radom is not just offering a service but is reshaping the landscape of crypto payments. Its solutions are designed to be as adaptable and user-friendly as possible, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can leverage the power of crypto to fulfill their billing and payment needs.

In conclusion, as we look at the history of crypto payment gateways, it’s clear that the industry has been stagnant for far too long. Radom’s entry into the market is a disruptive force, offering comprehensive, flexible, and innovative solutions that cater to the modern needs of businesses and consumers alike. With Radom, the future of crypto billing and subscriptions looks brighter than ever, promising a new era of efficiency, flexibility, and growth for businesses worldwide.

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