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Grant Smith Joins Radom's Advisory Board

Radom is pleased to welcome Grant Smith, who will be joining the team as an advisor, who works with a varied set of technology related organisations in the UK.

Scott Osman
Scott Osman
February 10, 2022
Grant Smith Joins Radom's Advisory Board


Radom is pleased to welcome Grant Smith, who will be joining the team as an advisor. Currently working in an advisory capacity to a varied set of technology related organisations in the UK, Grant will be working with the Radom team where he will be able to put his extensive sales and marketing experience to good use.

With a background in corporate sales, mainly in the Financial Services sector from 2000 onwards, Grant co-founded Business Analytics company Barrachd in 2008, and subsequently became Sales Director at Barrachd, which was followed by several advisory and consultancy roles.

As an active board member, chair of The Datalab IAB, Chair of ONE Digital and Entrepreneurship Board and advisor with The Centre of Genomic Pathogen Surveillance,  Grant enjoys playing an active role contributing in all aspects of business growth and the challenges faced by business founders.

Grant Smith, Advisor at The Centre for Genomic Pathogen Surveillance, said:

“My interest in Radom Network stems from developing an understanding of the potential  benefits that blockchain can create, and how a platform like Radom can enable non Web 3.0 companies to take advantage of these benefits and integrate them within their current infrastructures. In my current advisor roles I am starting to see more distributed ledger technology solutions being proposed, hence my interest in a project that provides a tangible vehicle for organisations to engage with.”

Comment from Radom

“Grant Smith has been contributing his expertise to the team at Radom for some time now and we’re very excited to announce him joining us in an official capacity. Grant’s background in sales, business strategy, and funding processes have provided a great deal of insight into the traditional technology industry. By bridging this expertise into the Web 3.0 field, it is my belief that Grant can play a vital role in assisting us with onboarding our first cohort of business customers, as well as guiding us to simplify our business language in a way that is understandable to all.”
Chris Wilson, CEO at Radom

About Radom

Radom Network is building the world’s first blockchain-based payment gateway. With Radom Network, Web3 companies and DAOs can access critical services required to operate their business without ever having to off-ramp. 

Underpinned by a decentralised protocol for service discovery and authentication, sellers can on-board through the Radom dApp (decentralised application), and sell access to their internet-connected assets, such as cloud servers, API servers, proof-of-work miners or databases with on-chain and on-demand payments in stablecoins.

Customers can connect their self-custody wallet and access services directly through the Radom Marketplace or through a seller’s webpage with the Radom Widget, an integrated payment checkout widget.

Through Radom, Web3 companies, DAOs and service providers can reduce time to market, monetise, and scale quicker than ever before. 

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