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Qredo's Benjamin Whitby Joins Radom's Advisory Board

‍Radom is delighted to announce that Benjamin Whitby will be joining our growing team as an advisor, with fifteen years of regulatory experience.

Radom Team
Radom Team
December 10, 2021
Qredo's Benjamin Whitby Joins Radom's Advisory Board

“Interactions with all devices will be needed. Radom will be a Web3 fundamental and as impactful as decentralised identity will be for humans.”


Radom Network is delighted to announce that Benjamin Whitby will be joining our growing team as an advisor. As a crypto regulatory specialist Benjamin brings over fifteen years of experience in regulatory conduct and financial compliance to the Radom team.  Benjamin currently leads Qredo’s regulatory affairs and also serves as an advisor to Attestant.io and Moneyfold.co.uk.

A former ​​Technologist and Regulatory Conduct and Financial Crime Officer, with a background in Quantum Physics, Benjamin has a wealth of knowledge in financial compliance across global capital markets and trade finance business that has shaped his current role and uniquely positions him as a crypto and DeFi regulatory specialist.

Benjamin first encountered BTC in 2013, and was an early adopter of Ethereum and DeFi.  He Left HSBC to join Monolith and enter crypto and DeFi full time in 2017. He is a founding member of Qredo, the decentralised MPC security platform being used by MetaMask Institutional, that empowers financial institutions around the world engage in DeFi.  He is an advisor to Attestant the institutional ETH2 staking platform and Moneyfold who provide GBP stablecoins.

As the first remote configuration platform built on existing public blockchain technology, Radom will benefit greatly from Benjamin’s extensive experience in compliance and regulatory affairs, as well as his knowledge of all things DeFi. Radom’s mission to facilitate the transition from Web 2.0 service discovery solutions to Web 3.0 based solutions will be enhanced by Benjamin’s knowledge of the legal and regulatory environments of the UK financial system.

Benjamin Whitby - DeFi Compliance : ex HSBC, ex-PwC and DeFi evangelist said:

“Radom approached me looking for some help understanding the intersection of DeFi, Web3 and real world engagement.  Once we started talking it was clear how huge the opportunity is. Radom allows and enables new standards for IoT devices to receive payments, and provides the ability to lease devices physically or receive data from them.  We’re moving to a world of Robo Taxis, Drone deliveries and sweating idle capacity; Radom will be front and centre unlocking value at every step.  I’m excited and humbled that the team has asked me to help them tread this path.”

He added:

“Every connected device will be empowered in the decentralised world.  Radom is one of only a handful of projects that is able to provide this bridge.  Just as connections to TradFi banks were required to enable on-ramps for crypto, connected devices and IoT need the Radom network to bridge to Web3.  Naming the firm as  a nod to Witek Radomski (CTO of Enjin) was a huge signal for me. The Radom team are deep supporters of decentralisation and are on the cutting edge of bridging IoT, DeFi and Web3. Radom will be a Web3 fundamental of the connected world.”

Comment from Radom

“Ben is a unique player in the space. He understands the traditional financial system and its regulatory requirements alongside being on the cutting edge of custodial services with projects such as Qredo. Radom will be facilitating digital asset creation for its business customers which will require a future compliance layer during our onboarding procedure. Through Ben’s guidance and expertise, we will be able to ensure IoT manufacturers feel safe in knowing we meet regulatory requirements when they utilise our product. Qredo bridges the gap from TradFi to DeFi for traditional financial institutions, we intend for Radom to bridge the gap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 for IoT companies.”
Scott Haval Osman, CSO at Radom

About Radom

Radom is building the world’s first blockchain-based payment gateway. With Radom Network, Web3 companies and DAOs can access critical services required to operate their business without ever having to off-ramp. 

Underpinned by a decentralised protocol for service discovery and authentication, sellers can on-board through the Radom dApp (decentralised application), and sell access to their internet-connected assets, such as cloud servers, API servers, proof-of-work miners or databases with on-chain and on-demand payments in stablecoins.

Customers can connect their self-custody wallet and access services directly through the Radom Marketplace or through a seller’s webpage with the Radom Widget, an integrated payment checkout widget.

Through Radom, Web3 companies, DAOs and service providers can reduce time to market, monetise, and scale quicker than ever before. 

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